OPMI Drapes sterile (Type 71) product photo front 5XL

OPMI Drapes sterile (Type 71)

ZEISS Surgical Microscope Drapes 

Protecting your vision 

For surgical draping, fulfilling your hygiene protocols and protecting the health of your patients and your team is your first priority. 

ZEISS Surgical Microscope Drapes with VisionGuard® Lens Technology offer ZEISS optics for OR drapes while supporting an easy, rapid and sterile draping process of your equipment. 

  • Unimpaired Vision: ZEISS VisionGuard lens technology supports an optimized lens quality in terms of clear vision, polarization, distortion and glare.
  • Enhanced Application Safety: ZEISS VisionGuard makes sure that the drape lens and the enhanced microscope functionalities work as a single unit. 
  • Simplicity: Boosts a simplified and accelerated draping workflow with less room for errors.
Sterile drapes no 71 - Pack of 5