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ZEISS aspheric 1-piece CT LUCIA Family
Treating a wide range of patients with a unique ZEISS Optic.
Consistent visual outcomes1
Excellent stability
Intuitive injector handling
The CT LUCIA 621P/PY® – a new generation of aspheric IOL, applied on a monofocal hydrophobic C-loop platform. The patented asphericity concept of the ZEISS CT LUCIA is designed to mitigate against potential decentration issues and to confidently deliver good visual outcomes.

The architecture of the IOL enables very stable positioning in the capsular bag for consistent and excellent performance. The latest CT LUCIA 621P/PY comes in a new and improved fully preloaded injector system for an easy and intuitive cataract workflow.
The sophisticated and patented ZEISS Optic (ZO) Asphericity Concept of the ZEISS CT LUCIA 621P/PY is designed to compensate for a wide range of aberrations resulting from different corneal shapes and lens positions. With its uniquely forgiving design it delivers good visual outcomes for a broad range of patients and surgical situations.
ZEISS CT LUCIA 621P/PY IOLs feature an optic-haptic junction designed for refractive stability. Coupled with step-vaulted C-loop haptics, this enables centering while maximizing direct capsular contact, thus ensuring stability and supporting a consistent, stable axial IOL position in the capsular bag.
The design of the latest fully preloaded injection system of the ZEISS CT LUCIA has been improved to make handling easier and intuitive for the target users. Recent enhancements simplify the surgical workflow, providing a smooth preparation process that enables successful implantation of the lens in an easy and efficient manner.